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Marco Antônio de Lima Ruas (born January 23, 1961) is a former mixed martial arts fighter and instructor.


He is famous for being the founder of Ruas Vale Tudo, a hybrid of Brazilian submission fighting and kickboxing. He has instructed fighters such as Pedro Rizzo and Renato Sobral. Some would regard him as one of the earliest pioneers of the now established MMA world of a complete fighter - being able to strike, takedown and finish with submissions. His short fighting career was likely due to his age and it might have been the case that if he had been a younger man and caught American MMA at the height of its popularity he may well have proved to be a much more impactive fighter. He also used to train capoeira with renowned Mestre Camisa in Rio de Janeiro at the Santa Luzia club, downtown Rio.

Ruas competed in early Ultimate Fighting Championship events, winning UFC 7 in a classic fight against 6'8", 330lb Paul Varelans. He also faced down opponent Oleg Taktarov in UFC's Ultimate Ultimate, but lost via unanimous decision. Ruas would go on to a draw with Taktarov a year later, winning the WVC Super Fight belt in the process. He returned briefly to fight former heavyweight champion Maurice Smith in UFC 21, but lost by TKO.

Personal lifeEdit

Ruas is married and has three daughters.[1] Marco's first recorded fight was in 1984. Marco's nickname is "The King of the Streets" (Ruas actually means "streets" in Portuguese).

Marco lives in Laguna Niguel, California and coached the Southern California Condors in the International Fight League before the organization's collapse.

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

8-4-2 (wins-losses-draws)
Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time Notes
Loss United States flag Maurice Smith TKO (Corner Stoppage) IFL - Chicago 05/19/2007 4 3:43
Win United States flag Jason Lambert Submission (Heel Hook) UP 1 - Ultimate Pankration 1 11/11/2001 1 0:56
Loss United States flag Maurice Smith TKO (Corner Stoppage) UFC 21 - Return Of The Champions 07/16/1999 1 5:00
Loss Japan flag Alexander Otsuka TKO (Corner Stoppage) PRIDE 4 10/11/1998 2 10:00
Win Trinidad and Tobago flag Gary Goodridge Submission (Heel Hook) PRIDE 2 3/15/1998 1 09:09
Win United States flag Patrick Smith Submission (Heel Hook) WVC 4 - World Vale Tudo Championship 4 3/16/1997 1 0:39
Draw Russia flag Oleg Taktarov Draw WVC 2 - World Vale Tudo Championship 2 11/10/1996 1 31:12
Win United States flag Steve Jennum Submission (Strikes) WVC 1 - World Vale Tudo Championship 1 8/14/1996 1 1:44
Loss Russia flag Oleg Taktarov Decision UFC - Ultimate Ultimate 1995 12/16/1995 1 18:00
Win United States flag Keith Hackney Submission (Rear Naked Choke) UFC - Ultimate Ultimate 1995 12/16/1995 1 2:39
Win United States flag Paul Varelans TKO (Strikes) UFC 7 - The Brawl in Buffalo 9/8/1995 1 13:17 Won UFC 7 Tournament
Win Netherlands flag Remco Pardoel Submission (Position) UFC 7 - The Brawl in Buffalo 9/8/1995 1 12:27
Win United States flag Larry Cureton Submission (Heel Hook) UFC 7 - The Brawl in Buffalo 9/8/1995 1 3:23
Draw Brazil flag Fernando Pinduka Draw JJ vs MA - Jiu-Jitsu vs Martial Arts 11/30/1984 1 20:00




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