Gjaburi Gjaburi 20 May 2018

Jimmy Smith as a commentator for UFC

Jimmy Smith is RIDICULOUS as a UFC commentator. I wonder HOW they decided to hire this fool. He's like a bald bobble head when he speaks and listens to others commentating on fights. He's constantly nodding his head in a "YES" manner. NO OTHER commentator does that which makes him look doubly stupid when he does it. He should watch himself and CORRECT his mannerism. THEN maybe he might be more acceptable.

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Andrew Keja Andrew Keja 29 May 2013


started kickoxing in 1990 at Bushido Tiel,Holland. first fight 1991. became english champion Goju Ryu Karate. Stopped kickboxfights in 1996 fighting in C-klasse. Later did some Frree  Fights and mma fights. the best against Jeffrey v h Schip although Jeffrey won. The worst against Ricardo Fyeet, who was 22 kg heavyer. also lost. Fought for Martijn de Jong in Japan. For Wout Kist in Holland and Germany. Last fght ; okt. 98 against Ricardo Fyeet !

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 6 June 2011

UFC Undisputed 3

Get ready to head back to the cage! As today, THQ has released the latest trailer for the next UFC game. The game will be titled UFC Undisputed 3 instead of UFC Undisputed 2012. The game is expected to be out in early 2012.

New features to the game include an overhauled submission system and the addition of other promotions such as Pride Fighting Championships.

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GungansPWN GungansPWN 23 March 2010

Greatest Fight Entrance Music

For my first blog post, I thought I'd just say my opinion on the greatest fight entrance music, as the title says. Each song also has a Youtube link so you know where I'm coming from.

  • 5: "Animal I Have Become"-Three Days Grace. [1] The bass line is incredible and it gets people fired up.
  • 4: "Ad Astra Per Aspera"-Acceptance. [2] It's a great instrumental bit.
  • 3: "Attack"-30 Seconds to Mars. [3] Nice intro, good headbanger.
  • 2: "I Never Wanted"-As I Lay Dying. [4] Mostly guitar, works quite well.
  • 1: "Enter Sandman"-Metallica. [5] The greatest intro ever! Just it would have topped the list.

So there you have it. Please comment with suggestions.

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Greyman Greyman 7 March 2010

Blogging on EDGE MMA

Are you an editor of EDGE MMA? The site's administrators have made it possible for you to have the option of creating and maintaining your own blog here on EDGE MMA. With your own user blog feel free to let others know your thoughts regarding a certain subject from mixed martial arts, what you think of that book that you're reading, your own experiences in the sport, or your thoughts and commentary on whatever you like within the context of the MMA. As wide as the scope is for the articles which we welcome here, so too is the scope for what you can blog about. Interested? Write a blog post now. GreymanTalk

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