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bodogFight was a Mixed Martial Arts promotion founded by online gambling magnate Calvin Ayre. It was a part of Ayre's Bodog Entertainment Group.

Its primary programming output was Bodog, currently airing on The Score Television Network and The Fight Network, where each episode followed two fighters in their training and ended with a bout between the two fighters.

bodogFight had also produced pay-per-view events which featured top-ranked fighters including Fedor Emelianenko, Aleksander Emelianenko and Matt Lindland.

bodogFight used a modified variation on the Mixed Martial Arts which excluded the usage of Elbow strikes.

In mid 2008, BodogFIGHT closed down, laying off most of their employees after losing a reported $38 million US dollars.[1]

Matt Lindland also made claims that BodogFIGHT has neglected their contractual obligations by not paying him and other MMA Fighters[2]

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